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Matara Music is an independent Finnish record label, founded in 2005. The company is based on friendship and talent of four idealists, and their love and passion for making good rock music. Their mission is to spread the Matara spirit to all music lovers willing to endorse it!

Under the harsh conditions of Finnish winter the four guys united to form two bands. Their shared musical vision is that neither playing in a band nor producing records should be calculated or fabricated. It has to be about dreams and principles.

The PR-guy of Matara Music, Mikko, puts it like this:

-The Matara spirit means, for instance, that in between recording bass tracks in an abandoned country house, you heat up an outdoor sauna for nien hours because its 25 centigrades below zero. Then you go to the sauna at one o‘ clock in the morning before starting off with the guitar. Matara spirit is about freedom, and about the kind of do-it-yourself attitude that you’ve never seen before.


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Matara Music
Keulatie 1
41800 Korpilahti

email: info(at) FI 1961219-7

Heikki Koskela
Managing Director
tel:+358-44-339 8914
email: heikki(at)

Mikko Hautakangas,
PR and marketing
tel: +358-40-538 6355
email: mikko(at)

Kristian Sjöman,
sales and promotion
tel:+358-40-766 7825
email: krispe(at)

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