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Matara Music is an independent Finnish record label, founded in 2005. The company is based on friendship and talent of four idealists, and their love and passion for making good rock music. Their mission is to spread the Matara spirit to all music lovers willing to endorse it!

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2nd of May, 2007: Maplesnow debut album recordings finished
Maplesnow has finished the recordings for their debut album, titled Shrapnel Soul. The music will be guaranteed Maplesnow style, but the album entity gives room for some surprises as well. Shrapnel Soul was produced, recorded and mixed again by the Matara's trusted man Jussi Järvenpää. The precise release date is still undecided, as Matara Music is looking for co-operators for distribution and marketing.

Maplesnow has also renewed their website and opened a Myspace site. As a warm up for the upcoming album, there is a re-recorded version of an old gig booster Gravity available for free download on the band website. Gravity won't be featured on the album. Everybody download!

5th of June, 2006: The Game available in Mp3-format!

Verenn's recently released debut album the Game is available for download in MP3-format for a consumer-friendly price of only 5 euros. The digital distribution works via With their price policy, Matara Music wishes to make the legal downloading of music simple and more attractive to music consumers.

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19th of May, 2006: The Game has been released!

Matara Music has released Verenn's debut album The Game. The release was celebrated privately in Tampere.

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31st of March, 2006: No Trace, No Sound
Finnish rock band Verenn has released a promotional single No Trace, No Sound. The single is a strong sample from the debut album The Game (to be released in Finland 19th of May)..

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7th of March, 2006: Verenn's debut album The Game is ready!
Verenn has finished the recordings of their kick-ass debut album titled The Game. The album is scheduled for release on May 19th. The first single No Trace, No Sound will be released on March 31st.

With the album release, Verenn will hit the live venues as well. At the moment they are training with rock solid musicians who will form the live band. Verenn also wishes to inform that Jaakko Järvenpää has decided to leave the band for personal reasons.

1st of February, 2006: The video "Destination Changed" with Verenn's Awake awarded the world's most innovative free ski video!

The unique free ski video Destination Changed, produced by two Finnish extreme enthusiasts, won "The Most Innovative Approach" category in Vast Awards, the world's biggest ski video competition.
This means worldwide attention for Verenn, whose song Awake forms the soundtrack for the video!

9th of September, 2005: Maplesnow's long-waited Deepest Dive EP released on Friday!
Matara Music releases three autumn-scented rock songs by Maplesnow. The beautiful cardboard-packed EP stirs up the expectations for the upcoming gigs as well as for the debut album, which is to be released next year!

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12th of August, 2005: Verenn’s debut EP AWAKE awakes interest around Europe

Modern guitar rock band Verenn released their debut EP titled Awake in June. In short time the release has gathered a great deal of attention around Europe: Awake starts its sixth week in heavy rotation on the British radio station Total Rock, and also the German radios Burn FM and Net Radio One have added the song to their playlists. In addition, the EP has received positive reviews and feedback on Internet music sites, both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.

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4th of August, 2005: Awake reaches hundreds of thousands listeners!
The awesome free ski video Destination Changed, with Verenn's Awake as its soundtrack, has gained success that goes beyond all expectations. The
video has already been downloaded onto nearly 25 000 computers all over the world, but even that is not all..

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9th of July, 2005: Awake playing in radio Total Rock

Awake made it to the A-playlist in British rock and metal radio station Total Rock.

8th of July, 2005: Awake playing in Radio YleX
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17th of June, 2005: Verenns Awake released!
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17th of June, 2005: Matara Music bands in extreme skiing video

Matara Music is solely responsible for the soundtrack of an awesome skiing/diving video Destination Changed. While a Maplesnow song Sparrow plays subtly in the background during the intro and the credits, Verenn's Awake whips up the pace throughout the crazy scenes...

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The Game -ski video awarded!

Another video collaboration of Verenn and SSC International, the outrageous ski video "The Game" won two categories in "the Oscars of ski movies", Vast Awards in January in Munich. The spy action movie parody, starring Verenn's Mikko as "the Couch Potato", won the first prize in "Most Innovative Approach" and"Best 3rd Layer" categories. What's makes the Best 3rd Layer award special for Verenn is that it refers to the soundtrack as well as post production.

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Maplesnow's trusted graphic designer Johanna P. has once again done a fabulous job. The bold choice of colours and the lovable mascot Ukkeli make the cover design of Deepest Dive EP stand out. Johanna P. is a young, talented graphic designer who has worked with Maplesnow's visual appearance for years. In addition to CD covers, web pages, the background screen for live performances, T-shirts etc., Johanna will now widen her perspectives by making an animation video for the song Deepest Dive.
Verenn appears in a very cool skiing video... Download it free at:

Here we go! Matara Music begins its activities with all guns blazing, as the Verenn EP Awake is released in June. All three songs on the record carry the Matara spirit. There has already been some international as well as nationalinterest towards the release...


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